What Kind Of Coverage Is Offered By The Travel Insurance Policies?

Every traveler has many concerns during domestic as well as international trips. It is easier to get help while you are traveling in your own country, but the issues that may arise while on an overseas trip can leave you in a lot of trouble. It is essential to buy a travel insurance policy for every trip you make to save yourself from any financial losses. Some of the main concerns that a traveler may have in mind are trip cancellation, travel delays, loss of luggage, medical emergency, accident, theft, and more. There are comprehensive travel insurance plans that can save you from a variety of possible circumstances. Also, some policies are customizable, as well. Here is a list of coverage offered by travel insurance policies.

Overseas Medical expenses

One of the significant concerns that a traveler may have is medical expenses. In countries like the US, if you meet with an accident or fall sick, the medical costs can dry your savings instantly. It is essential to have a Travel Insurance Policy intact while you are traveling abroad, no matter how cheap or expensive their medical care is. These policies cover a lot of illnesses and injuries. Refer to the documentation and make sure they also include those illnesses which you already have, such as heart disease and more.

Accidental death or injury

You cannot control accidents, and they can happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime. While you are traveling, meeting with an accident can not only cause physical harm, but it can also cause a severe dent in your savings. If you have a traveling insurance policy intact, it will pay for the treatment of injuries. In case of accidental death, your family will get the sum assured against the policy.

Overseas funeral expenses

Travel insurance policies also cover overseas funeral expenses. In the majority of the cases, the family tries to bring back the deceased home. In that case, the insurance policy will also cover the cost of transport of the mortal remains. But in case it is not possible to bring back the remains, the policy will cover the funeral expenses.

Loss, theft or damage to personal possessions and money

Theft is one of the most common problems faced by travelers. From phone to handbag full of important items and documents, there is always a chance you may lose them. The travel insurance policy provides cover in case you lose your belongings because of misplacing them, theft, or they get damaged because of an accident or force of nature. The travel insurance policies also cover loss of money because of theft etc. but for that, you may have to declare the amount that you have in cash and account while traveling.

Delayed baggage or Loss of baggage

Every year around six per thousand passengers have to go through the problems associated with delayed or lost baggage. The travel insurance policy will provide cover in such situations.

Loss of passport

You may lose your passport or other travel documents while traveling abroad, which can cause a lot of inconveniences. If you have travel insurance, the company will not only provide cover the cost of getting your passport reissued, but it will also provide you support for the same.

Missed connecting flight due to delay

If you are taking connecting flights, there is a chance that you may end up missing the trip because of the delay in the first flight. In such cases, you will have to buy a new ticket instantly, especially when the airlines are unable to provide another flight for the passengers. The travel insurance policy will cover the cost of the new ticket and also the price of the ticket that you have paid for the missed flight.

Trip Cancellation expenses due to unforeseen weather conditions, etc.

When you cancel a flight, hotel room, or holiday packages, you only get a part of the amount that you have paid. In a case where your trip gets canceled for any reason, such as adverse weather conditions or more, the insurance policy will cover the cost of cancellations.

Overseas Dental Treatment

If you have a dental emergency while traveling, it can put you in a lot of financial trouble. Dental treatments in many countries are costly. In case you have travel insurance intact, it will cover the cost of the procedure.

Hijack Distress Allowance

In case your flight or ship gets hijacked, the insurance company will provide allowance under their hijack distress clause. It is the financial support the travel company will pay as compensation.

Home Burglary Insurance

While you are traveling, there is a chance of burglary at your home. Such situations can put you in a lot of financial losses. The insurance company will pay you a fixed amount to compensate for the loss. Please note that it is important that you should also have home insurance to make sure everything is covered.

Cover for pregnancy-related expenses in “life-threatening situations.”

Usually, pregnancy and childbirth are not covered under travel insurance policies. However, if there is a medical emergency because of the pregnancy and the life of the insured person is at risk, it will cover the cost of medical care.

There are a lot of aspects of travel insurance policies that you should note down before finalizing the policy. In many policies, you can customize the features and ensure everything is covered as per your requirements. This list mentioned above of coverage offered by travel insurance policies will help you in making a firm decision.