Your ultimate guide to makeup & beauty tools

Most females have makeup brushes in their vanity bags or bathroom drawers. Whether you simply like to try out cosmetics or you are a diehard makeup fanatic, knowing about the different types of makeup tools can uplift your game. Not many know how to use those fancy beauty tools. Not all tools come with instruction manuals and figuring out exactly how to use them can be a little overwhelming at times. Here are some suggestions inspired from the makeup artist expertise to make your shopping even easier.

Streamline your tools

When you go shopping for a beauty product or makeup tool, you are given a bunch of choices. Like painters and artists, beauty technicians have all different types and sizes of tools for all products, such as concealer, foundation, powder, blush, contour, and many more. You need to know what kind of brush you need to use these products; you should understand your skin type and how your face is structured to determine the bristle length, size, and shape you need.

Know what type of brush to use

You can use the same brush for foundation and concealer; though many people would like to apply concealer through their fingers, brushes give more coverage and smoother application. After you’ve applied, clean the brush. For thicker coverage, use a wider the brush and for finer application, use a thinner one. Do not opt for a too bigger brush for applying powder; a medium-sized brush can make you reach every part of the face equally if you use a sweeping and circular motion. Use a contour brush to sweep the dark shades as it’ll make your nose appear more defined and slimmer. If you want to create a create higher cheekbone, considering you’ve a round face, you can buy an angled brush and use two shades of foundation (one in natural brown powder and other in neutral bone color in matte finish).

Cleaning procedure

Since tools pick up oil, grime, dirt from the face, it is important to clean your brushes often. Do not soak your brushes in water, but rather use hand sanitizer as it will not only kill germs but also help your brushes dry faster. Using too much water or soap water can harm the wooden handle or loosen the glue and hence gently bristle under running water.

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