Carpentry and Your Expectations for the Best Service

The average cost for a carpentry service is 300 €. You are likely to spend between € 70 and € 1500 in total. The exact price may vary depending on the measurements of the objects and other details of the project.

Factors that influence the price of a carpentry service

Carpenters work in houses, multi-unit buildings, commercial spaces and offices. They can build, renovate, repair, install or remove furniture, shelves, decks, patios, doors, windows and stairs.

The carpentry service may also involve painting the wood or transporting debris. The customer can choose whether to supply the wood, tools and / or other materials needed for carpentry work or if he prefers that the carpenter obtains them or gives recommendations. It is clear that these factors will determine the cost of labor. You can find more reviewed carpenters here https://sghomeneeds.com/services/carpenter.

Variable and fixed rates

Typically, carpenters charge an hourly price for repair work, furniture customization (plus material costs) and installations. These prices can also be affected by the location of the professional or the company. That is: in cities and areas with a higher cost of living, the price may be higher as well. The company’s reputation, experience and other details can also affect the total cost.

Some professionals set budgets in advance for certain types of jobs. Usually, this is because they are services that professionals perform very often and have a very accurate perception of the cost of work, materials and time.

Its use is mostly for low quality furniture that are assembled with dowels and glue.

MDP is produced from eucalyptus and pine. Its composition is made up of large and small particles, the large ones being distributed in the middle, the smallest ones in the upper part and the bonding made by means of resin, pressure and heat.

They are the most used in residential and commercial furniture whose structure is straight, as it does not have malleability for more detailed designs and finishes such as rounded edges, for example. It is less resistant to moisture than MDF and also cheaper.

Finishing work

Finishing work refers to any type of finishing carpentry service that gives a polished appearance to recently completed projects or existing spaces that have been renovated. Included are baseboard works, door frames, cornices, window frames, molding and other ornamental wooden works in this segment. The finishing work will be affected by the measurements of the projects, the materials used, the complexity of the work and the amount of time and effort required.

Custom furniture

The cost of customizing furniture depends on the material of the furniture and its size. Carpenters typically budget for work based on measurements and hours of work.


The cost of materials directly affects the cost of a carpentry project. Customers can already have the wood, buy it for the project or ask the carpenter to buy it. If you want a job that requires hard to find (or more expensive) wood such as teak, walnut or mahogany, the total cost will be higher.


If the professional needs to travel to perform the work or buy materials, she may charge a travel fee or transportation expenses. Customers can save money by picking up the supplies themselves in carpentry or furniture stores.

Pro tip

Never pay more than 50% of the total amount before the service is complete. This will help to ensure that workers always return to finish the job. Also, do not pay for the carpentry service in full until you are completely satisfied.