Save Money with Flat Rate Credit Card Processing

Flat-rate credit card processing is the most convenient and advantageous method for small businesses and start-up businesses. If you are the owner of your business, you must try to increase your sales.

There are some customers who want to pay with credit cards. For those customers, you have to include the credit card system. If you include the credit card system service, the credit card processor will deduct a certain amount of money from each sale you make. If that money is deducted in a fixed amount, it makes the business calculations more prominent. For this reason, flat-rate credit card processing is introduced.

Benefits of flat-rate credit card processing:  

There are many benefits of this flat credit card processing model. The business owners choose this flat-rate credit card service over normal credit card processing service for these benefits.

  • The main benefit of a flat-rate credit card is saving money. In normal credit card processing services, the amount of monetary deduction is pretty much high. Still, the flat-rate credit card processing allows a low and fixed amount of monetary deduction from the income of each sale you make.
  • Another crucial benefit is prominent business calculations because flat-rate credit card processing deducts a fixed amount of money from the income of each sale you commit. In each sale, normal credit card processors deduct a variable amount of money. For that reason, the calculations become easier.
  • Normal credit card processors charge a monthly account fee from the owner of a business who is using the credit card service.

In a flat-rate credit card processing service, the businessman does not need to pay the monthly fees. He/ she only pay a part of their income from each sale. That’s why the flat-rate credit card processing service is so much advantageous for business purposes.

What is the ISO agent program?

The credit card processing field is so much lucrative and prolific. If you want to get into this profitable field, you have to become an ISO or a credit card processing company, but becoming ISO is too expensive.

For this reason, the ISO agent program is introduced. This program is relatively a cheap way to enter into the credit card processing industry. According to the ISO agent program, you have to initiate your career as a sales agent working for an ISO or a credit card processing company whose products and services you will be offering to the merchants. After gathering experiences as a salesman, you can easily enter deeper into the credit card processing industry.

North American Bancard, Total merchant services, PayProTec, Harbour Touch, e Merchant broker is the best ISO agent programs.


This flat rate credit card processing model is a really helpful service for small businesses. For this service, any small business can flourish quickly and become a large-scale business in no time. This service helps a business owner to save money, which is a part of his daily income.